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Thinking about Selling Out of State Property?

Selling Out of State Property

Live out of state from your property and have a house or piece of land you want to sell?

Selling Out of State Property

Selling Out of State Property

Have questions on how it works?

Selling to us is a simple process. It’s easy, unobtrusive, and low-pressure. We try and make selling out of state property to us as easy as agreeing on a price and picking up a check at closing.

Here’s how the process works….

  1. Call or send us the property information online – The more details about the property you can provide the better. How soon do you want to sell? Why are you looking to sell? What details can you tell us about your property?

  2. Cash Offer for your property – We’ll make a fair cash offer on the property within 24 Hours.

  3. Choose your closing date – After agreeing on an as-is cash price for your property, you also pay $0 in closing costs or commissions and you get to decide when closing happens. 7 Days? Let’s do it. Two months? It’s all up to you.


Selling Out of State Property

Selling a House Out of State Without the Fluff & Hassle

Selling a house out of state is usually an expensive and complicated process. That’s why real estate agents charge thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars to handle the sale of a house. Commissions, fees, repairs, cleaning, etc. all add up to a lot of money out of your pockets.

Putting aside the costs of selling a home, one thing we also noticed that it was typically a stressful event. We looked around and saw people spending months cleaning/repairing their home traveling back and forth to get it ready to sell and another few months to actually sell it and get paid.

We knew that there had to be a better way to selling out of state property….

Selling a House Out of State

Selling a House Out of State

When we buy your house, we make the entire process simple, and there are no fees to pay because we cover ALL the costs associated with closing on your home.

Start to finish, we explain the entire process in everyday terms and are there for you from the first phone call all the way to the closing table. We try to make selling a house out of state as easy as agreeing on a price and picking up a check at closing.

Here’s how we make selling your home a quick and easy process….

  • Simplifying the paperwork and closing – we pay ALL the closing costs for a local title company to handle the closing. Our purchase contract which outlines the agreement to buy your property is a simple agreement with clear and easy to understand language.

  • You can sell your home completely “AS IS” – this means ZERO cleaning or repairs required by you. You can even leave behind things you don’t want to keep.

  • Familiar with all types of situations – Most folks just want to sell their home to us as a quick and simple alternative to going the traditional way through an agent. However, we do buy houses regardless of the reason to sell and are very familiar with special situations like foreclosure, probate, inherited homes, divorce, fire damaged properties, if you owe delinquent property taxes, short sales, rental property, etc.

  • Flexible options to make selling stress-free – Need a cash advance before closing? Done. Need help moving? Done. Want to agree on a price but not close for 2 months or longer? Done. Need to stay in your home AFTER closing for a while? Done.

Call us at (202) 826-8179 or fill out our property form here.