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Stearns County Property Taxes

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Stearns County Property Taxes

Commonly Asked Property Tax Questions and Answers in Stearns County MN

Q: When will I receive my tax statement?

A: You will receive your tax statement once a year.

Real Estate and Personal Property tax must be mailed by March 31.
Mobile Home tax statements must be mailed by July 15.

Q: What if I haven't received a tax statement?

A: You must contact the Stearns County Auditor/Treasurer's Office to have a duplicate mailed to you. You may contact their office by emailing or call (320) 656-3870. A copy of your tax statement is also available online.

Q: Why did I receive a tax statement if I escrow my taxes?

A: Tax statements are mailed to property owners. Your escrow company receives your tax information from the Stearns County tax office. You will need your tax statement for tax filing purposes and property tax refunds if applicable.

Q: What do I do if I get a tax statement for property I have sold?

A: Please forward the tax statement to the new owners, as they will need it to pay the property taxes or mail it back to the Stearns County tax office to forward to the new property owner.

Q: I just bought property, who pays the taxes?

A: In a typical real estate transaction, taxes are prorated and the buyer is given credit for the seller portion. Please check your closing statement or contact the closing attorney who handled the transaction for you. Any delinquent taxes must be paid at closing. If you owe delinquent property taxes, we can help. Current taxes do not need to be paid at closing.

Q: How do I change my address on my statement?

A: On the back of your payment stub is a place for your new address. Mail your address change to: Randy R. Schreifels P.O. Box 728, St. Cloud, MN, 56302-0728 or email the tax office at

Q: Can you use a credit card when paying Stearns County property taxes?

A: Yes, but only when paying online. View and pay your taxes in the Online Services section of the Stearns County tax web site. When paying by mail, only checks and money orders are accepted.

Q: Can you make partial payment when paying property taxes?

A: Yes, but regular due dates still apply and any portion of the tax not paid by the due dates is subject to the penalty assessment.

Q: If I own more than one property, can you write one check?

A: Yes, you may add the amount due on all your parcels and write one check for the total (make sure to include all payment stubs with payment).

Q: What happens if I pay my property taxes late?

A: By Minnesota State Law, the Treasurer’s Office is required to charge a penalty. If you are looking to avoid property taxes penalties, and would rather sell the property, we are able to buy your house as is.

Q: Will I receive a reminder if I don't pay my taxes by the due date?

A: Yes, the Minnesota Treasurer’s Office sends out courtesy letters when taxes are not paid.  The letters go out in December to all properties where the tax has not been paid, and includes the amount of penalty as calculated according to the penalty schedule.

Q: Will my name appear in the paper if I don't pay my property taxes? If so, when?

A: Any property taxes not paid before January 1 are considered delinquent. Delinquent notices are sent out by the Stearns County Auditor’s office informing you of the last day to pay to avoid printing of your name. The Delinquent Tax list is printed in the county designated newspaper in March each year.

Q: Am I eligible for a Property Tax refund?

A: To determine if you are eligible for the Property Tax Refund, you must complete the M1PR form.

Q: What do I need to do before I move and/or sell my Mobile Home?

A: You need a Mobile Home Statement from the Auditor/Treasurer Office that states all delinquent and current taxes are paid in full. Any taxes not paid will need to be paid before the mobile home can be moved. You will then need to transfer the title if applicable. You may fill out the form above if you are looking to sell your mobile home quickly.

Q: What is a Truth In Taxation (TNT) notice?

A: The Truth In Taxation Notice (TNT), also called the Proposal Tax Notice, is mailed to property owners in November each year. This notice indicates that anticipated property tax you will pay the following year if your local jurisdictions approve the budget amounts they are considering. Property owners are invited to attend meetings held by their local jurisdictions to express their opinions on local budgets.

Q: Can the amount of my property tax due on my tax statement be different than the amount on my proposed tax notice?

A: Yes, this is why:

The proposed tax notice does not include special assessments
Referendums passed could result in increasing the tax amounts
Property owners who occupy their property by December 1 can file for homestead classification for the following year

Q: What are Special Taxing Districts?

A: Special taxing districts include Housing and Redevelopment Authority, Regional Rail Authority, Watershed District, etc.

Q: What is a Special Assessment?

A: A special assessment is an improvement (such as streets, curb and gutter, etc.) which directly benefits the property. It is shown as a separate amount on the property tax statement. The amount is based on how much the property benefits from the improvement and the cost of doing the project. It is not based on the value of the property.

How to Sell House Before Tax Foreclosure in Stearns County

If you have received notice in the mail, delivered to you, or posted on your property that says your home or your property is “subject to foreclosure,” “in foreclosure,” or will be “sold at auction” because of unpaid taxes, you may be able to still be able to sell your home prior to the property going to auction.

Stearns County Property Taxes

Stearns County Property Taxes

What happens if you owe delinquent property taxes? What is a property tax foreclosure?

Stearns County charges property taxes annually. Every year, your county collects state and local taxes based on the value of your home or land property.

If you are unable to pay your property taxes, the county can sell your home to collect all unpaid property taxes.  Each county has a specific deadline for unpaid taxes before they start the process of "foreclosure."  

The County provides notice of court hearing. 

Before the county sells your home, it must give you at least 30 days' notice of a court hearing about the foreclosure. The notice must tell you place, date, and time of the hearing.
At the hearing, you will have an opportunity to express to the judge why the county should not foreclose your home. The county will sell your home at auction unless you take steps to stop the foreclosure.

Can I Sell My House With A Tax Lien?

Stearns County Property Taxes

Stearns County Property Taxes

We buy property in all 50 states and Washington D.C. for cash--- even ones that still owe back taxes. We are familiar with helping sellers with delinquent property taxes find solutions to their problems. Even if you're not sure you're ready to sell, we can help you out! We can help you with Stearns County Property Taxes and sell your house if you owe back taxes.

We buy houses in any condition, “as-is” and we also buy land with back taxes as well. We will be happy to help you out of this situation if possible. Sell any type of property; Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Agricultural. Whether or not selling your property with back taxes to a local cash buyer ends up being the right choice, we will be happy to help point you in the right direction. Stearns County Property Taxes. Don’t lose your property and get nothing in return!

Stearns County Property Taxes

Stearns County Property Taxes

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Stearns County Property Taxes

Stearns County Property Taxes

Stearns County Property Taxes

Stearns County Property Taxes